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Celebrating Years of Service

Celebrating Years of Service

From left to right: Shirleen Oakley (Director), Raj Soni (Broccoli Harvest Team Leader), Robin Brears (Production Team Member), Adam Wong (Post Harvest Manager), Bernie Siew (Sales and Operations Manager), Judith Barnett (Finance and Accounts Administrator), Maree Chalmers (Washline Team Leader), Robin Oakley (Managing Director).

Last week at our annual Christmas party we took the time to celebrate eight very special people for five, ten and even FIFTEEN years of service to Oakleys Premium Fresh Vegetables!

At Oakleys, we know that the best produce comes from teams of people who are passionate about their craft and are excited about the end product. So, we’d like to say thank you to these beautiful people for their drive, their commitment and their hard work.



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