Picture of Robin Oakley

Founder Robin Oakley has been passionate about growing vegetables since he was a young boy. He grew up in rural Canterbury inspired by growers such as his father and grandfather. He founded the company in 1985 with the vision of providing the freshest products to his customers. His commitment to quality from crop to supermarket has been his mission.

In 2020, Oakley’s vegetables are enjoyed across New Zealand by kiwi families. Oakley’s are located in Southbridge with a diverse team committed to providing New Zealand their favourite vegetables. Oakley’s works alongside the community and encourages an active lifestyle whilst giving back to the locals. Stop by and say hi - don’t forget to tell us your favourite recipes!

About Us

With complete control of the production process, we promise traceability, food safety and complete quality assurance.

Our company grew from the desire to have the best quality and the most consistent supply of product.

We anticipate changes in the marketplace, allowing production levels to increase sustainably.

Being a family-owned business, we are built on family values. We pride ourselves on integrity by staying connected to our employees, customers and the environment. We summarised these in our three key values.

Honesty, Goodness and Connection.


We grow, harvest and pack produce for the national and international market. The majority of our vegetables are grown in Southbridge on the east coast of the South Island, 60 kilometres south of Christchurch. Our packhouse and offices are located here but we also grow in Horoata and Amberley. 


We grow, harvest, pack and sell fresh produce all year round. This includes varieties of potatoes, broccoli, beetroot and pumpkin.

Our aims:

Produce popular healthy eating choices

To be a company that promotes eating vegetables for good health

Produce popular healthy eating choices

Innovative in our production and product ideas

Exceed our customer’s expectations of quality and service

Team environment that encourages individual achievement and development

Individuals that recognise and respect team values