At Oakleys, we are dedicated to growing, harvesting, packing and delivering the freshest produce throughout New Zealand. To do that, we rely on a team of committed and enthusiastic individuals who share our company vision and values, who are passionate about what we do. We’re excited that you show an interest in growing with us. We welcome the introduction of people with varied skills, experience and knowledge to grow their careers with us. We seek great people who resonate with our company values of goodness, connection and honesty.


Rewarding to invest in renewable energy

If you are as passionate about horticultural as we are, please feel free to connect with us at any time.

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Culture and Values

We understand the importance of creating strong relationships with our customers, employees and the local community through our core values and company culture. These values shape the way we do business at Oakleys.


We believe in creating a culture at Oakley’s that incorporates fun, positivity and collaboration to deliver quality products that are full of goodness to our customers.


We work together as a team to deliver exceptional products to our customers, from the ground to the plate.


We have an established working environment that is focused on working towards achieving a common goal, where individuals are engaged, honest and transparent at all times.


Training and Career Development

Our employees are critical to our success as a business, employing, developing and retaining the right people is vital.

At Oakley’s, we deliver job-specific training and development to our employees, with tailored training and development plans for all employees.

We understand the importance of industry training, working closely with the Primary Industry Training Organisation to deliver training and qualifications that up-skill and grow our employees.

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We currently have three permanent positions available:

  • Outdoor Vegetable Production Assistant
  • Packhouse Assistant
  • Truck Driver

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