What is NZGAP?

NZGAP certified is for producers who meet criteria for best farming practices. The system was developed back in 1999 to ensure New Zealand produce meets food safety and quality assurance standards. The programme identifies approved suppliers committed to producing fresh produce in a safely and sustainably.

What Does This Mean For You?


Food Safety Conscious

We prevent food safety issues including food illness, harmful contamination and agrichemical residues. Oakley’s has comprehensive food safety systems which identify and manages anything that can contaminate products. We even have a system which can trace the box of spuds in your house back to the production line!

Using water sustainably

Environmentally Conscious

Oakley’s uses sustainable farming practices protecting Aotearoa soil, water and natural resources. Our production practises are in place to protect these natural resources while ensuring our farm is productive, profitable, and sustainable for the next generation of Kiwis. If you want to find out more about what we’re doing to be a friend of the environment, head over to our “sustainability” page.


Socially Conscious

At Oakley’s, we are committed to protecting the welfare, wellbeing and safety of our workers. Farming has been identified as a high risk activity as it can involve operating hazardous equipment or engaging in repetitive tasks and heavy lifting.