Meet Robin Oakley, Founder & Managing Director

Robin is the founder of Oakley’s, head agronomist, father and husband. A fifth-generation farmer, Robin grew up on his family farm and has been working the land since he was a young boy. He started the business in the 1990s with his wife Shirleen and loves seeing his dream become a reality. In his free time, Robin loves cycling with his father, jet skiing in Lyttelton Harbour and spending quality time with his friends and family. Robin is proud of the business he has built, and the industry partnerships he has formed and is excited for the future of the company.

Meet Bernie, General Manager

Bernie is our superstar General Manager. He has been a diligent and integral member of the team for over 15 years. Bernie is a busy man, looking after our production, harvesting, packhouse, logistics, sales and management of external relations. Bernie loves how he can integrate all parts of the role and achieve stellar results for Oakleys. His favourite veggie is the classic Golden Gourmet potato, and he’s also a huge fan of broccoli. Bernie has a lovely wife and two sons & a daughter, he loves spending quality time with them.

Bernie Siew
Lucas Rossi

Meet Lucas, Production Manager

Lucas has been our wonderful production manager for four years. Born and bred in Argentina, Lucas enjoys growing a diversity of crops and delivering “real food” to people. Growing at Oakley’s he says is like having a big veggie garden! Prior to coming on board with Oakley’s in 2018, Lucas worked on Dairy farms in Golden Bay and Culverden with his partner. Lucas enjoys playing soccer with his friends and hiking around New Zealand.

Meet Adam, Post-Harvest Manager

Adam is one of Oakley’s OG team members, starting his journey in April of 2007 digging spuds with Graeme Oakley (4th generation). Adam’s strong work ethic and team spirit saw him move to our greens harvest and packhouse team, eventually becoming our Post Harvest Manager. Adam was born and bred in Sabah, Malaysia – referred to as the land below the wind. He enjoys taking on a challenge and making the “mission impossible, possible”. Adam has an active son and in his spare time likes to spend time with his family, do the gardening and cook tasty meals (with plenty of vegetables, of course!).

Adam Wong

Meet Judith, Accounts Administrator

Judith has three lovely children, two girls and one boy and loves reading and cooking in her free time. She has been working with Oakley’s for six years! There is lots of variety in Judith's role, no two days are the same! This keeps her on her toes and excited about her job. Judith's favourite way to eat her 5+ADay is by making roasties, yum!

Meet April, Marketing Manager

April is a sixth-generation Oakley (founder Robin’s daughter) and has been involved in Oakley’s sustainability journey, worked in Human Resources and now works on branding and marketing. April grew up on the back of the spud harvester on the family farm in Halkett alongside her grandparents Graeme and Dorothy Oakley (fourth generation). April has a background in health sciences and is completing a Master’s of Business at Lincoln University. A lover of Golden Gourmet spuds, she enjoys cooking up fun recipes for Oakley’s customers.

april oakley