Oakley’s Pandemic Pantry

Oakley’s Pandemic Pantry

I think we can all agree that things are a little crazy out there at the moment! With all of the changes we’ve had in our lives these past few weeks one thing remains the same – we still want to feed our family delicious and nutritious meals. Introducing the Oakley’s Pandemic Pantry! Every few days we will be posting uber-simple, mouth-watering recipes using everyday items lurking in your pantry and your Golden Gourmet Potatoes. During lockdown, Oakley’s Golden Gourmet potatoes make it simple to whip up exciting meals for the whole whānau which are packed full of vitamins and minerals, all while helping you get your 5+aday. With eating out or ordering in not being an option right now, there’s never been a better time to dive into the kitchen and get creative.



So what does a Pandemic Pantry look like? We’re expecting that most people have staples such as flour, eggs, milk, cheese, frozen mixed veg, cooking oil, onion, canned goods (soups, corn, beans etc), dried herbs and other bits and bobs such as yoghurt and garlic. Oh, and your Golden Gourmet Potatoes of course.



Potatoes are an ideal staple to have in your house during flu season. One 150 gram serve, or two Baby Golden Gourmet potatoes, contains HALF of your daily vitamin C to keep your immune system healthy. They’re also packed full of fibre and B-complex vitamins for energy and satiety. Say hello to glowing health and a buttery taste.

We’ve already released the first recipe in our Pandemic Pantry series, our No More UberEats Gnocci. While gnocchi is usually full of fresh herbs and a gazillion different type of cheeses, we’ve hacked how to make a tasty version using your Pandemic Pantry staples.

Follow along by liking our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as sharing your creations using the hashtag #oakleyspandemicpantry. If anyone has a family favourite they reckon we should share with the rest of the community, flick us a private message. Let’s go spud lovers!