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What's for dinner tonight? Get some healthy inspiration from our recipes.

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Super Smashed Spuds

You've heard of mashed spuds, but have you ever tried smashed spuds? These cheesy beauties will leave you ...

Dreamy Creamy Broccoli Soup

Fight the winter blues with this nutritionally dense and oh so creamy broccoli soup! One serve provides you ...

Pumpkin soup for the soul

This is one for the whole family to enjoy on those chillier nights and is great the next ...

Beetroot Chocolate Pudding

This recipe comes straight from the collection of The Petite Kitchen recipe book by Eleanor Ozich. You can ...

Balsamic Beetroot and Feta Tart

Recipe adapted from

Beetroot Relish

This is a great addition to crackers, in burgers, sandwiches, wraps and even on a cheese or antipasto ...

Balsamic roasted specialty potatoes

Easy to make and delicious – you might want to double this recipe!!!

Potato and Corn Chowder

Try this hearty and creamy soup full of vegetables for those colder days.

Oakleys Special Scalloped Potatoes

An easy as pie scalloped potato, suited to all skill levels. Serve this with a salad or a ...

Cheesy Stuffed Spuds

A kiwi classic: The stuffed spud with all the extras! Add in a little bit of what you ...

Golden Gourmet Roasties

The classic roast spud, light, tasty and fresh. A perfect addition to your evening meal, or as leftovers ...

Creamy and Classic Potato Salad

Here's an absolute classic for you all.. potato salad! We've cracked what makes this dish so good and ...

Buttery Boiled Spuds

An absolute classic side dish to any kiwi meal. Tastes great hot or cold the next day as ...

Garden Fresh Summer Potato Salad

A unique take on the idea of a Potato Salad, incorporating the lightness of a garden salad with ...

Lemon and Rosemary Hasselback Potatoes

Fresh and tasty! Just in time for summer - check out these Hasselback beauties with tangy lemon and ...
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