Oakley’s beetroot is a nutritional goldmine containing folate for healthy growth and development and potassium to support healthy muscle function etc


We harvest fresh beetroot regularly and have multiple plantings per year, so that there is delicious beetroot ready to go all year round.

Our Beetroot

Oakley's beetroot are harvested, washed, graded and packed in Southbridge and then delivered directly to your supermarket for ultimate freshness.

Our Beetroot Products

Our Candy Beetroot is a unique, particularly sweet variety of chioggia beetroot, delicious raw, and it looks beautiful with its concentric rings of pink and white.

Did you know?

Beetroot is a native root vegetable of Southern Europe. Originally it was the leaves of the beetroot that were preferred for eating but here in New Zealand it is usually the root that is found to be the favourite.

How to store beetroot:

To start with, you should pick beetroot that has a smooth and firm skin. If there are leaves, these should be vibrant and healthy.

Beetroot lasts longest in cool, humid environments so the crisper/ vegetable drawer of the fridge is ideal. They do not need to be wrapped or packaged but this will prolong their life.

Nutritional Value:

Beetroot has a significant amount of potassium and is also a source of folate and vitamin C. The vibrant red colour of beetroots is from the antioxidant betalain that has anti-inflammatory properties.


How to prepare:

Trim and scrub off any rough surfaces. Skin off or on is up to individual preference but make sure to keep it on when cooking if you want to retain the vibrant colour (skin will easily rub off once cooked). If using in salads simply grate or thinly slice raw beetroot. If roasting, cut into required size and roast. If boiling, do not break the skin or it will lose it's colour through bleeding. When microwaving make sure to pierce the skin so the beetroot doesn't explode while cooking.

When you can get it:

Beetroot is available all year round but can be found more readily from November - April.

Ways to eat beetroot:

This is such a versatile vegetable that can be enjoyed cooked or raw and be prepared in many ways. Juice it, pickle it, make it into relish, hummus or soup. Roast it, add it to salads or create awesome savory tarts. You can even create rich, moist chocolate cakes and desserts with it. Beetroot pairs well with goat cheese and is just as tasty served cold.