Classic Golden Gourmet 2.5kg


We are very proud to offer you our original Oakley’s product: ‘Golden Gourmets’.

It has been five generations in the making, and as they say, good things take time. We believe this is the tastiest eating potato available with a delicious texture. This all-rounder can boil without breaking up and make for a good roast or bake.

Washed, ready to cook and with a golden colour – these spuds will add happiness to your plate.

Naturally gluten-free, the Golden Gourmet is a nutritional goldmine, bursting with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and folate boosts energy. Packed with fibre, these spuds will improve your digestive health. Niacin and potassium provide perfect nutrition for growing kids.

Packed full of Goodness
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