Robin Oakley next to the new solar installation

The Future Looks Bright: Oakley’s Journey to Solar Power

April 17, 2022

We are proud to announce Oakley’s has installed a 220kw solar operation to power our Southbridge site! This is one of the largest installations in the South Island to date. We have worked with CPS Solar to introduce this grid-tied solar system. During the daytime, we can harness energy from the sun to power our…

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How Oakley’s are using water sustainably

January 30, 2019

Climate change. The buzzword has been everywhere recently. The amount of information, threats and facts being thrown around is confusing. We want to discuss in plain terms what climate change means to us farmers in Canterbury, and what Oakley’s Premium Fresh Vegetables are doing to stay sustainable as we venture into the 21st century. The…

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